About Pixoroo Exhbitions

Pixoroo for photography competitions

Pixoroo is a modern web based cloud platform for photographers and artists. The exhibitions module is designed to manage the entire circle of photography competitions (also called exhibitions, salons or contests). From registering club/organisations and entrant registration, setting up competitions, accepting entries, managing judges and the adjudication process, results, reporting and archiving pixoroo can manage it all.

Control every aspect of your exhibition from your mobile phone. Have the results and patron reports ready to deliver the minute the last judge has casted the last vote. The beauty of pixoroo is that it is does this in an entirey new way and without training or the need for special equipment.

Unrivalled Pixoroo

Pixoroo provides the unrivalled capability to run photography competitions that have any number of entries, any number of sections, any number of images per section, any scoring pattern and any number of judges.

Here are all the instructions you need to run a photography exhibition on Pixoroo!

  • Register your club/organisation
  • Create your team responsible for managing your exhibitions
  • Set up a photography competition,all its section, patrons, awards, scoring etc. quickly and easily
  • Create link to advertise your salon/exhibition
  • One click to send exhbition opening/reminder/closing emails
  • Pixoroo will be accepting entries from the moment of opening
  • Real time view to all team members of entries/enquiries/payments etc.
  • Entrants specific portal and interfaces where entrants can enter multiple exhibitions, manage their entries, their data etc.
  • Judges specific portal and interfaces where judges can do their judging, analyse their juding for multiple exhibitions.
  • Automated confirmation emails to entrant on entering
  • Full access to the entered images up to the day the exhibition closes
  • Invite your judges to judge the exhibition
  • Presenting of the images via a projector
  • Judges judging via mobile phone/tabled/laptop etc.
  • Close the adjudication
  • Send out results and certificates
  • Print all required reports and more
  • Close the exhibition
  • Click Copy and your next exhibition is ready to go live!

We are proud to say that running photography competitions on pixoroo requires less instructions than any other comparable sytems out there we know!

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About Us

First and foremost, like you we are enthusiasts who love art and photography. We believe that pictures/images/artworks are about communication and sharing. We also believe that it is through sharing that we become enthused, motivated, appreciated and have fun. And what better way to do this than taking part in exhibitions.

Aleks Gjika Pixoroo Founder

Pixoroo was conceived during the Covid pandemic days and was made possible by the evolution of online technologies, such at the cloud and the ability to work in teams remotely.

The exhibitions module is the first of many to be release. Next releases will include:

  • Pixoroo for clubs and societies - this module will support clubs and societies with their internal exhibitions, competitions etc.
  • The FIAP App - a module that helps photographers manage their FIAP entries, scores, applications etc.
  • Pixoroo for Print Exhibitions and Photography Circuits - at the moment Pixoroo supports only PDI Competitions
  • Pixoroo website builder - this module will enable photographers and artists to build photography websites including website with bespoke e-commerce for selling image prints and other products.

Aleks Gjika EFIAP DPAGB who is also the Chairiman of Cheltenham International Salon of Photography, is the main driving force behind the Pixoroo Project. Credits also go to many people in different countries that with their contributions that made this possible.

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