Frequently Asked Questions

Pixoroo is an internet resource that supports photographers and artists. The exhibitions module enables photography societies/clubs/orgaisatioins to run photography competitions, mostly patronaged by organisations such a FIAP, PSA, GPU, PAGB etc..

An exhibition, also frequently called "Salon" or "Competition" or "Contest" is a sort of competition that an entrant takes part with the aim at having his/her work accepted or awarded. The work of a successfull entrants promotes the entrant as a photographer and/or counts towards points to achieving a variety of distinctions patroned by major organsations such as FIAP, PSA, GPU, PAGB etc..

There is a great number of software that offer similar functionality around the world. What is special about pixoroo is that it offers the ability to manage the whole process on line with not need to extra hardware. Pixoroo is a modern cloud based system.

Pixoroo is capable of running any number of exhibitions simultaneously. You can enter any number of exhibitions that are open and run on pixoroo using your one pixoroo account.

It depends on the exhibition and the organiser but usually yes you have to pay a small amount to so that your images can be judged. The amount usually depends on the number of images you wish to enter. There are also parameters set by the patrons/sponsor about how much an exhibition organiser can charge.

PayPal is the most common way of paying for exhibition entries. Entrants usually already have PayPal accounts to it is convenient to them. Some organisation can also offer other means of payment such as direct banking.

Pixoroo offers the functionality of Group Bookings. It is up to individual organisations to offer group discounts or not. Check with the competition you are entering.

The copyright of an image is always with the phtographer/author. Pixoroo and the organisation running the competition may use an image for their own promotion properly crediting the author but the copyright remains with the artist.

Photography competitions usually have 2,3,4 or 5 sections. Pixoroo allows for ANY number of sections/categories to be set up for a given competition.

Photography competitions usually allow 4 images per section. Pixoroo can handle ANY number of images per sections and the number of images for individual sections can be different.

In the UK, Photography competitions are usually set up to allow scores of 2,3,4 and 5. Pixoroo can handle ANY number of scores, however the scores are set for the competition not for the section.

Most salons/exhibitions usually have three judges. Pixoroo allows ANY number of judges. The judges need to be registered with pixoroo first then approved by the organisation running the photography competition.

Remote juding become a standard practice during the COVID pandemic. Patrons usually require that the judges are looking at the same image at the same place during the juding process. Pixoroo is remote by default and it doesn't matter whether a judge is in the same hall where the adjudication is taking place or half away around the globe. If a judge is judging remotely they will see images being judges at the same time.

No. Pixoroo is a web application and to use Pixoroo for any reason you need to be connected to the internet. The internet speeds required for Pixoroo to work well are 5MBS and above.

Like with any distant calls there can be a bit of a lag in responses but this depends on many factors, such as distances from the cloud server, the internets speed at location etc.

Pixoroo data is kept in Microsoft Cloud Servers in the UK.

Microsoft cloud technologies offer robust security and we make maximal use of it. Like with every other internet application though nothing is 100% secure.

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