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Pixoroo is the latest internet resource built to support photographers and artists in their passion to create great works of art. Pixoroo is a platform that enables photography societies, organisations and clubs to set up and run photography competitions at any scale, anywhere, completely on the internet without the need to install any specialist hardware or software on their computers. Whether you are running your photography competitions on high maintenance, complicated software or are an ambitious new organisation that intends to run its own photography competitions, pixoroo is for you. No special IT knowledge requires, just log in carry out your tasks and log out, you can run your international photography salon here on pixoroo efficiently and effortlessly.

Pixoroo enables the entrants to enter multiple photography competitions, photography salons from one place. With just one pixoroo account you will be able to enter all exhibitions running on it. Pixoroo is totally free to the entrants throughout.

Pixoroo introduces scoring via the smart phone. Just create your pixoroo judge account and wait until the photography competitions open the door for your to judge. The judging itself is as easy as tapping one, two, three on your mobile!

Pixoroo offers photography competitions organisers unrivalled tech support to set up and run their photography competitions. No more need for extra hardware, extra software to download, just hit the browser, log in, do your work, log out and that is it.

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Why pixoroo for exhibitions?

It is modern It is web based No need for extra hardware or software Always in sync Work as a team Highest data security offered by Microsoft Cloud No special IT traning required Mobile phone judging Remote by default Quick exhibitions set up, instantanouse re-setups Any number of sections Any number of images Any number of of scores Any number of judges Judges can be anywhere in the world Run you adjudication from you mobile! Enter, judge and run exhibitions under just one account. Real time access to data to all competition team Support tools that can be used by the whole team to answer queries Document library Always affordable - pay per entry A variety of reports under one click Simple and comprehensive way of deailing with GDPR & Data Protection A number of marketing tools Free marketing for your salons/exhibitions from pixoroo Current info from the photography world, patrons, rules etc.. Every screen is fully mobile responsive. Manage all parts of your exhibition over a cup of coffee!

Weeknesess? Requires an internet connection.