Pixoroo For Exhibitions Entrants

It is all about the entrants!

Without passionate photographers and/or artists there would be no exhibitions. Pixoroo is built to help you with the process of taking part to exhibitions. Using simple and smart pixoroo interfaces will make you process of entering photography competitions very simple. Pixoroo also looks after your images even after you have entered a contest, you will still be able to view your past entries, download them and entere them to new photography competitions etc.

Making the entering photography competitions simpler.

All you need is just one pixoroo account. Your details will always be correct, your distinctions will always be up to date. Just log in anytime and make the changes you wish.

Pixoroo offers a unique, simple and smart interface to upload your images and pay for your entries. As soon as you have uploaded your images they are made part of a beautiful gallery automatically, and they can be viewed and edited anytime.

Once the images are uploaded pixoroo give you all the flexibility you need to view, review, download and share them. You can edit, re-upload and pay for your images up to the exhibition closing date.

And as soon as the results are published not only will you receive an email with the results and certificates but your gallery will show automatically every score on your website. No more looking for the results emails to recall your scores!

FIAP entrants only: When the FIAP App is released, the images that have been accepted or awarded will automatically be added to the list of your images for the target FIAP disctinction. All you will have to do is click the print button and your flawless FIAP application is ready!

Putting you in control of your data

When you enter photography competitions, you have to register one way or another and your details are stored in many places and formats in many locations around the world.

Pixoroo, having the functionality to manage exhibitions for any number of societies/organisations, offers you only one place you can keep your data up-to-date. From your pixoroo account you can see all organisations that can contact you and how. It is up to you to subscribe or unsbuscribe for any or all of the organisations' mail lists.

Receiving emails from clubs/organisation whose exhibitions you do not intend to enter can be very bothersome. Receiving emails from exhibitions you have already entered is even worse. At the same time you might want to recive communications from new exhibitions who never contact you. Pixoroo gives you full control over that. Pixoroo will not send you reminder emails after your have enter an exhibition!

Technically speaking your data will be stored on Microsoft Cloud which is seen probably the safest place on the planet to have your data stored.

The glorious aftermath!

Receiving your photography competition results is very exciting, especially when you have done well! However most systems offer just a resutls email and if you are not organised enough and do not write the scores down, you will search emails for the scores to enter in your application.

Pixoroo take the "After results" entrant access to a new level. Galleries of each of your entries will remain on pixoroo and they will be stored for you for free. You can go back at your entries, all your past entries, look at the images, check their results down to individual judge.

This reviewing of old images is very useful becuase it keeps track of your photographic progress and helps you select the next images to enter to the next photography competitions.

Coming Soon! Also if you have a website hosted in pixoroo soon you will be able to mark your best images for display or create rules which can display a successeful image of yours on your website as soon as the results are published.

Coming Soon! Pixoroo will soon make it possible for the entrants to view the adjudication live. On the day of the adjudication the images will appear on your screen just as they appear on that of the judges and the organisers. As the scores can be subject to further scrutiny you will not be able to view them live but you can view all the images in exhibition as they are judged. You can enjoy viewing the slideshow of stunning images from your pixoroo account, on your mobile or on your TV if you prefer!